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Programs & Services

All programs can be done from anywhere in the world!
All of our programs are designed to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

#55FLAT Lifestyle Transformation Program

Our Most Popular Program is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be. With a special focus on the core, this program is designed to aid in total fat loss, building lean muscle, and transforming your mind & lifestyle for the long run.


This 55 Day accelerated Lifestyle Transformation begins with a thorough Exploration Consultation to explore your needs, goals, current lifestyle analysis, & pertinent history. The program includes personal training, nutritional guidance, healthy lifestyle development, and more. Stay engaged with daily motivational support & accountability, consistency coaching, and so much more. 

GEM Membership

Stay Focused, Stay Fit with our Gem Membership. #55FLAT Gems receive weekly workouts, challenges,  bomb recipes, engaging motivation, LIVE workouts, and other exclusive content to help enrich your journey. Pay as you go or save more when you subscribe. We all need community, it's what keep us connected and consistent in the midst of chaos. 

Personal + Group Training

Virtual Training & In-Personal Training Available. Schedule your Exploration Consultation to learn more.  

Lifestyle Coaching Services 

Need a reset? Don't know where to start? Need accountability? Life coaching may be what you need to start your engine. 

Life coaching courses will be available this Fall 2023. 

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