About Charli

Charlesha "Charli" Harris, 

Founder of Chasing Transformation™

B.S. Exercise Science | M.S. Healthcare Administration

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Expert

My affinity for health and wellness began at an early age as I watched my father build his fitness brand from the ground up. As a highly respected personal trainer, class instructor, fitness expert, author, WJZTV of Baltimore’s Fitness Expert, etc., it was only natural that a lifestyle centered around health and wellness became my norm as I transitioned into young adulthood. My mommy; the charismatic educator, motivational coach, business woman and creative mastermind instilled in me the wealth of knowledge and faith. She also taught me that my individuality is what makes me who I am and that I am handcrafted for a special purpose. All of these ingredients along with life's experiences lead me to be the passionate leader & influencer I am today.

Once upon a time, I struggled with insecurities that stemmed from poor health and lifestyle choices. Rejuvenating my life and health through the power of patience, resilience, consistency, accountability, and grace...I turned that potential poison into my passion to educate, lead, & motivate others to be the best versions of themselves...transforming people’s minds, bodies, and lifestyles through the dynamic art of exercise, nutrition, and developing self love. 

I am also petrified of birds.


Charli <3

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Programs & Services

All programs can be done from anywhere in the world! All of our programs are designed to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.